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2021-12-23 07:51:04 By : Ms. Suki Chen

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Solinst recently launched their new Model 415 12V Submersible Pump as a reliable and easy device for purging and obtaining groundwater samples from 2 inch OD (Outside Diameter) monitoring wells. This lightweight and portable pump is simple to set-up, deploy and use and with its sleek and short design (nominal 6 inch), it is the perfect solution for sampling in skewed, un-straight wells. 

The 12V submersible pump cable is connected to the 12V pump controller, which is clipped on to a 12V power source, for instance: a 60 amp AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) battery, or a car, truck or marine battery. The operator just needs to turn the dial on the pump controller to increase voltage to the controller, which makes the pump’s motor turn faster to increase the rate of flow.

Solinst’s new 12V submersible pump can pump groundwater from 36.5 metres/120 feet below ground surface, with flow rates reaching 13.5 Litres/min/3.6 US gpm in shallow conditions. The continuous flow rate is simple to modify by turning the pump controller's single dial. 

Operators can save time and money by connecting a new Solinst Model 800M Mini Packer to the 12V submersible pump intake; this will isolate the sampling zone and keep purge volumes to a minimum. 

The new 12V submersible pump is perfect for sampling using three volume purge protocols or carrying out constant head tests in high K (hydraulic conductivity environments). Solinst offer optional in-line disposable filter threads onto the pump’s intake for applications in which high, suspended solids are present.

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