Wedo 2HP submersible pump submersible pump manufacturer

Qdx Garden Electric Motor Submersible Pump  Modelflow rate m³/hheadM PowerKWHPVoltageVSpeedR/MINFrequencyHZOutletinchfloat switchqdx1.5-12-0.251.5120.250.34220286050hz1"can addqdx1.5-16-0.371.5160.370.5220286050HZ1:can addqdx5-10-0.375100.370.5220286050hz1.5"can addqdx1.5-25-0.551.5250.550.752202860

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Qdx Garden Electric Motor Submersible Pump 

Wedo 2HP Submersible Pump Pumps Submersible Pump Manufacturers


flow rate m³/hhead
float switch
qdx1.5-12-0.251.5120.250.34220286050hz1"can add
qdx1.5-16-0.371.5160.370.5220286050HZ1:can add
qdx5-10-0.375100.370.5220286050hz1.5"can add
qdx1.5-25-0.551.5250.550.75220286050hz1"can add
qdx10-10-0.5510100.550.75220/3802860502"can add
qdx6-15-0.556150.550.75220/3802860501.5"can add
qdx15-7-0.551570.550.75220/3802860502"can add
qdx1.5-32-0.751.5320.751220/3802860501"can add
qdx8-18-0.758180.751220/3802860501.5"can add
qdx10-15-0.7510150.751220/3802860502"can add
qdx15-10-0.7515100.751220/3802860502.5"can add
qdx30-6-0.753060.751220/3802860503"can add
qdx3-38-1.13381.11.5220/3802860501"can add
qdx6-25-1.16251.11.5220/3802860501.5"can add
qdx10-20-1.110201.11.5220/3802860502"can add
qdx15-15-1.115151.11.5220/3802860502.5"can add
qdx30-9-1.13091.11.5220/3802860503"can add
qdx40-6-1.14061.11.5220/3802860503"can add
qdx10-25-1.510251.52220/3802860502"can add
qdx15-20-1.515201.52220/3802860502.5"can add
qdx40-9-1.54091.52220/3802860503"can add
qdx6-36-1.86361.82.5220/3802860501.5"can add
qdx10-30-1.810301.82.5220/3802860502"can add
qdx25-16-1.825161.82.5220/3802860503"can add

Wedo 2HP Submersible Pump Pumps Submersible Pump Manufacturers

Wedo 2HP Submersible Pump Pumps Submersible Pump Manufacturers

Wedo 2HP Submersible Pump Pumps Submersible Pump Manufacturers

Wedo 2HP Submersible Pump Pumps Submersible Pump Manufacturers

Wedo 2HP Submersible Pump Pumps Submersible Pump Manufacturers


Q:What is your MOQ of this item?
A:Our MOQ is a full 20ft container, first time cooperation, we accept trial order to check quality.

Q:Is it acceptable to make customers' own brand?
A:Sure, we can do OEM.

Q:What are your payment terms?
A:30% T/T deposit, 70% against documents, or L/C at sight.

Q:How long is your warranty?
A:One year!

Q:What is the delivery time?
A:25-30 days after receiving your L/C or T/T deposit.


Applied to pump clean water without abrasive particles and liquid  that is chemically non-aggressive to the materials of pump.Such as:
1.Well / River pumping
2.Water transfer
3.Domestic water supply
4.Garden / Farm Irrigation
5.General industrial services


1.100% copper wire, and automatic wiring
2.C&U bearings ( the best bearing brand of China )
3.Double side mechanical seal
4.Cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, with high-speed punching, improve the efficiency and precision
5.304 Stainless steel welding shaft
6.Demagnetization of stainless steel nuts
7.Anti-rust treatment castings and electrophoresis
8.New testing equipment

Technical data

1.Max submerged depth up to 5m
2.Liquid  temperature up to +40°C
3.Ambient temperature up to +40°C
4.PH value :4-10

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