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2021-12-23 08:03:01 By : Mr. Brandy Xiang

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Liquid filling machines are typically used to accurately fill multiple containers with a fixed amount of liquid at the same time, while Transfer pumps typically move larger volumes from one vessel to another or form part of a continuous application. Having multiple processes all functioning at the same time will require multiple pumping systems to accommodate these processes which can be a challenge if space and time are limited.

Combining multiple pump modules to independently operate and complete the entire production process from a single controller and to be able you to reconfigure the different stages would make life so much easier for the operator. Our Stack and Split pumps are modular such that when combined offer a complete unique and configurable system.

Whilst individual pump capability can achieve a fill volume in excess of 100 litres at flows up to 1000 LPH the multi-pump systems are aimed more towards highly accurate fill volumes of between 0.01ml and 9.99L and transfer flow rates up to 96L/min. Our large selection of peristaltic pumps have a wide range of flow rates that can easily be controlled and have repeatable dispensing accuracy achieved by precise speed control and calibration. The low shear and gentle pumping action ensures that biological substances will not be damaged during transfer. Because of the mechanical set-up, the fluid only comes into contact with the bore of the tubing thus eliminating the risk of contamination between the pump and fluids. A peristaltic pump together with the selection of the correct tubing can be used to transfer, dose or fill corrosive and/or abrasive fluids. In line with the variability of the applications, our Dispensing & Filling Systems can be configured between 2 to 32 peristaltic pump heads and incorporated into a customised system.

Please contact us so that we may develop a fluid transfer system or component that meets all your technical requirements, on budget and on time.  We are here to help.

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