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Product provides abrasion resistance & continuous service

A midwestern manufacturer produces a range of silica proppants. Proppants are solid materials, such as treated sand or ceramic particulate, that typically are used in the hydraulic fracturing process to keep an induced hydraulic fracture open for optimal oil and gas extraction.

The proppant manufacturer operates the mining facility with a closed-loop water system. This system allows its wash plant to operate without discharging process water into dry runs, local wetlands and nearby creeks. Instead the water and sand are collected in sumps and re-circulated through a filter press to release the moisture from the sand.

This fracking sand reclamation process dictated specific requirements for the sump pump. Already using a KZN submersible pump in one of its sumps, the manufacturer contacted BPH Pump & Equipment Inc. to source another KZN pump for a new sump.

BPH Pump & Equipment Inc. recommended a BJM KZN75-460T submersible slurry pump. It has been operating well for two year due to its:

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